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In Sabina yoga retreat

Yoga In Sabina – Yoga on a Shoestring Retreat, Italy

Retreat Hannah

Driving from the train station up to In Sabina the scenery looked a bit drab and I wondered if I had left the stunning views of rolling hills behind me in Tuscany, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In Sabina is a beautiful property, with some quirky, but mostly lovely interior design, beautiful little touches around the property, such as a hammock hidden in the trees, solar fairy lights, and little succulents and other wee plants scattered around. The property itself, however, is nothing in comparison to the views – the setting sun sliding down the sky, painting it orange as you eat dinner, the deep greens of the trees and pastures that sneak into your vision when your eyes pop open between asanas.

In Sabina retreat property

Sunset Italy Yoga RetreatAs the weak has gone on, as with any retreat, the group has warmed up to each other and gotten to know each other. Healthy vegetarian meals have extended into long chatting sessions whilst clasping on to a hot mug as the April winds blow. A group of old and young, bendy and not so bendy, dedicated to practicing sun salutations together every morning and evening.

The weather started out sunny and glorious. Mornings and afternoon between yoga practice and meals could be spent lazing in the sun with the lizards, or taking a countryside stroll. However, as the week has gone on we have retreated inside, away from the beautiful views, as the cold seems to be seeping into our bones and getting stuck there. It is a shame as the sun brought with it a sense of energy and vibrancy, it provided opportunity to go out and explore. Whereas the cold has sent everyone to their beds for long (and likely well deserved) naps.

View from the dinner table Sabina yoga retreatMy first retreat on my travels has brought a bit of meaning to my journey around the world. Sightseeing is great, but joining a group, in which each person offers something that you can learn from – unashamed confidence, worldly experiences, business knowledge, a calm composure – is so much more valuable.

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